5 Important Signs You Need an Air Duct Cleaning ASAP

5 Important Signs You Need an Air Duct Cleaning ASAP

5 Important Signs You Need an Air Duct Cleaning ASAP

Summer’s long days and high temperatures have HVAC units working overtime as New Yorkers run their air conditioners around the clock. The Big Apple is also a dusty place, so you’ll need air duct cleaning to combat the outdoor pollutants that are getting sucked in through your vents.


But how can you tell if you should schedule an appointment? Here are five signs you need an air duct cleaning:


– High Energy Bill: The most obvious sign of an inefficient AC unit is a utility bill that has skyrocketed in the past month. When your air ducts are clogged, your system has to work twice as hard to keep your home cool. This energy waste results in a higher electricity bill each month.


– Rooms Cooling Slowly: Is your HVAC unit taking longer to cool your home than it did in the past? An air duct cleaning will allow cold air to flow easily again, bringing your residence down to a comfortable temperature.


– Signs of a Pest Infestation: If you suspect you might have some unwanted guests of the insect or rodent variety in your home, schedule a vent cleaning right away. Pests such as rats and roaches love to take up residence in air ducts. air duct cleaning


– Persistent Allergy Symptoms: Dirt and debris that get caught in air ducts can easily cause allergic reactions. If you or your family find yourselves sneezing, coughing, or developing asthmatic symptoms, a dirty HVAC system might be to blame.


– Foul Odor: Is there a persistent, offensive odor in your home you just can’t place? If you’re thoroughly cleaned every surface, try looking upwards. A system that is clogged with debris, mold, mildew, and/or slime can permeate an entire home with its unpleasant scent.