6 reasons to clean your AC system

6 reasons to clean your AC system

6 reasons to clean your AC system

You will enjoy great benefits after your air conditioning system is cleaned professionally.


  • Airflow will be better because we clean intake and exhaust fans.
  • Efficiency will improve because we clean dirt and debris from other components, where it can accumulate and reduce effectiveness.
  • The air will be colder and cleaner because we capture and remove microorganisms, dirt, allergens, and other particles in your building.
  • The system will last longer because cleaning helps it do its job more easily.
  • You won’t have to worry about bad odors, mildew, and conditions that could lead to mold – all removed by our intensive cleaning.
  • Your energy bill is lower when your system functions at its best.



Our experienced professionals go after the hard-to-reach parts, where dirt tends to accumulate on key components such as the indoor evaporator coil and the outdoor condensing coil.


These coils are vital to operations, but moisture lets debris cling to them and gradually accumulate, hindering the system’s functioning and ultimately leading to a breakdown.


Our technicians, who are equipped with special tools, are adept at cleaning louvers, coil fins, condensers, and other parts. They will disassemble and clean the fan shrouds and the compressor, and they straighten and clean bent fins. Each piece must be cleaned in a specific manner in line with the manufacturer’s recommendations.


Our team also will test the system to make sure it is ready to function well during the hot, humid New York summers.



For example, properly cleaning the outdoor coil requires special tools and expertise.


The condenser coil outside can be hard to access; the top and outer casing may have to be removed. Then the technician will clean it, using the manufacturer’s recommended method. He also may need to straighten the fins if they have bent. With many components, the technician must disassemble it, clean it and then reassemble it.



When cleaning, we look for signs of leaking refrigerant, which is a toxic chemical than can burn, shock and even kill people or pets. We also check the parts to make sure they are in good working order.