Cleaner furnace = comfort + savings

Cleaner furnace = comfort + savings

Cleaner furnace = comfort + savings

Dirt does a number on your furnace, weakening the blower, the filter system, and the heat exchanger.


The result: Your furnace performs worse and worse, making your home less comfortable and ultimately resulting in an expensive repair call to restore heat for you and your family.


The better solution is to have your furnace professionally cleaned every year. Then your furnace will work more efficiently.


One benefit: A clean furnace doesn’t get more costly with each gas or electric bill.


Another benefit: A clean furnace can operate several years longer than one that has been neglected.



A homeowner can help himself or herself by cleaning or replacing the filter whenever it gets dirty. Otherwise, dirt will accumulate in the filter, blocking air and making the entire system less effective.



Our experienced technicians will take care of the annual maintenance and follow an extensive list of tasks that pay immediate results.


They clean the furnace’s exterior and vacuum its interior. They clean the blower and the pilot light, install new air filters, and clean the flame sensor, motor housing, fan blades, and igniter.


The techs also check the belts and oil to make sure everything is in good shape.


They remove accumulations of dirt and gunk on the heat exchanger and the burners. Debris can interfere with the system’s ability to heat your home at your desired temperature.


Dirt on the blower/air handler can make other components work harder, leading to larger utility bills and shaving years off the system’s life expectancy.


The flame sensor and furnace coils are among the items that get in-depth attention.


A dirty flame sensor can shut down the system operations; it may need sanding as well as periodic cleaning to function properly.


A clean furnace or evaporator coil will help the system provide energy-efficient heating and cooling.



A clean furnace pays off with a longer-lasting, more energy-efficient system that keeps your family safe and comfortable.