Ducts get old and leaky, too

Ducts get old and leaky, too

Ducts get old and leaky, too

Ductwork usually works well for 10 or 15 years, maybe even more. You seldom think of it, out of sight and quietly delivering heated or cooled air.


But eventually ductwork wears out or gets damaged, which means you need to act.


Here are some signs that your ducts need cleaning, repair, or replacement:


  • Bad smells linger. Debris in ducts can collect house odors and recycle them.


  • You develop unusual allergies or respiratory problems. Dirty ducts can trigger sneezing and other symptoms such as watery eyes and headaches.


  • The HVAC system runs more frequently, possibly due to a leak in your ducts. That means you are paying your HVAC system to send heated or cooled air outside instead of to you. Depending on where the leak originates, it can be an easy or complicated fix. But either way, it’s cheaper in the long run than letting the leak continue.


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