Rid your HVAC ducts of smoky smells

Rid your HVAC ducts of smoky smells

Rid your HVAC ducts of smoky smells

If you have acquire a business or home from a smoker, be prepared to deal with cigarette smoke that inevitably lingers and lingers.


This old smoke and its smell cling not only to furniture and drapes but also to the vents so vital to your heating, ventilation and air conditioning. The old smoke – and its odor – will keep getting recirculated through the system until you find a way to get rid of it.




In some extreme cases, people have installed totally new ducts to rid their property of the old smoke and the contaminants it breeds.


It’s hard to erase because the nicotine in tobacco clings to ducts just as it sticks to clothes and hair. And you can’t just throw the ducts into the dryer or the shower to get rid of the smell.


Another tactic: Attack the smell yourself, but ducts are very hard to access for most laypersons.


First, change or clean the filter and spray it with air freshener. Also, wash the area around your unit to wipe away the nicotine you can reach.


But if this approach doesn’t offset the smell baked into the ducts, call a professional who has the tools and experience to beat the stink.


A professional duct cleaner will find the nicotine, dust and sediment caused by tobacco smoke, remove it and other debris from your ducts.


Then you will enjoy fresher, cleaner, healthier air in your business or home.


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