Sealed ducts are energy-smart

Sealed ducts are energy-smart

Sealed ducts are energy-smart

Sealing the ducts will keep heated and cooled air from escaping your heating, ventilation and air conditioning system.


Professional technicians can seal leaks, joints, holes and loose connections with long-lasting sealants that make the ducts as airtight as possible.


Leaky ducts raise your energy bill.


“Up to 20 percent of conditioned air is lost while moving through a home’s duct system because of air leakage, holes in ducts, and unconnected ducts,” according to the U.S. Department of Energy. “Sealed ductwork can reduce that loss and direct conditioned air to where it is needed.”


Duct enemies


  • Over time ducts can get dirty from debris in the system – pollen, dust, pet hair and other particles. This accumulation of dirt can slow the system’s operation and the tainted air can work its way into your home.


  • Wear and tear can cause ducts to spring holes that allow the conditioned air to escape – meaning that some of your energy bill is paying for heated or cooled air that never reaches you.


  • Ducts may be knocked out of place by squirrels and other rodents that infiltrate your home in search of shelter. The smell of a dead animal may tip you off to that event.


Dapper Ducts NYC will thoroughly inspect your ducts and give you a complete report – if they need cleaning, sealing or repair. This will give you another reason to breathe easier when it comes to heating and cooling.