Signs of clogged HVAC ducts

Signs of clogged HVAC ducts

Signs of clogged HVAC ducts

Maybe your energy bill took a big, unexplained jump.


Or you’re not getting an even flow of heated or cooled air in every room.


Or you’re sneezing much more often than usual.


These are the most common signs of problems in the ducts that deliver heat and air conditioning to your home or business.


Usually the problem is an accumulation of dirt and dust that is clogging the ducts and preventing smooth airflow.


Sometimes the ducts are damaged or loose.


Occasionally, an animal has crawled inside your ductwork and died. (Every DapperDuctNYC technician has stories about critters retrieved from customers’ ducts.)


Cleaning pays

When your ducts are professionally cleaned, all the dirt, grime, particles, pet dander (and animal carcasses) are removed from your property by techs using smart technology.


Then your HVAC system will resume smooth, energy-efficient operations and dust will no longer escape from the vents and cause you respiratory problems.


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