Signs of dirty ducts

Signs of dirty ducts

Signs of dirty ducts

Is your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system sluggish?


Do you have leaky ducts?


Does someone in your home have asthma or other respiratory problems?


Do your pets shed a lot of dander?


Any of these can be good reasons to call Dapper Ducts of New York City to clean your ducts and make sure they are functioning properly.


Why clean ducts are important

  • The ducts, which deliver air throughout your home or business, will accumulate dirt and debris over time. This accumulation makes the HVAC system work harder, shortening its life expectancy and raising your power bill as it struggles to reach the temperature you desire.


  • The pet dander, particles, and other debris can find their way past filters and re-enter your home, which hurts the quality of your indoor air.


  • Over time, ducts can develop pinhole leaks or get knocked out of place by vibrations or intruders like rodents. This means you are paying for heated and cooled air to escape without benefiting your family.


Duct cleaning works

Our skilled technicians use high-tech tools to capture all the dirt and other unhealthy stuff from your ducts.


You will soon enjoy a better HVAC system and peace of mind about clean indoor air.


Sanitized ducts

In some cases, we may recommend you sanitize the ducts with disinfectants, a common practice in many hospitals and healthcare facilities. Our veteran techs use the safest disinfectants, which can defeat airborne germs and reduce infections.


Why Dapper Ducts?

We guarantee our work and we keep our appointments, arriving on time and ready to improve your life.


We clean and repair ducts in homes and businesses in Brooklyn, Manhattan, Staten Island, Queens, and the Bronx.


Dapper Ducts of New York is locally owned, licensed, and insured.