We make cleaner, cheaper air for you

We make cleaner, cheaper air for you

We make cleaner, cheaper air for you

You clean your home but overlook one system that is out of sight:

The duct system that funnels heated and cooled air into your home.


It’s not something that needs constant attention, but over the years the duct system does accumulate dirt, debris, and particles that attach to the ducts and ultimately slow your heating, ventilation and air conditioning.


That slowdown makes your system work harder, straining the compressor, motor, and other expensive parts and boosting your utility bill. Dapper Ducts NYC will give you free information and a price quote if your ducts need cleaning. We use the latest technology to remove all the unwanted debris slowing your system. You will soon feel your

AC humming stronger – you will be extending the life of the HVAC system.

Improve indoor air

Our professional approach also can help improve the quality of the air inside your home, especially important if you have infants, senior citizens, or people with breathing issues.

Indoor air quality can drop if your home uses oil, gas coal, or kerosene heat. Housecleaning products, damp carpets, pet dander, and smoking also add unhealthy substances and odors.

Remember, the ducts circulate your indoor air, and you want your indoor air as clean as it can be.


With duct cleaning by Dapper Ducts NYC, you will enjoy cleaner air and a smoother running system.


We’re a locally owned, licensed, and insured company serving homes and businesses in all five boroughs of New York City. We arrive on time and ready to work. Available 24/7.