Wet ducts can mean bad news

Wet ducts can mean bad news

Wet ducts can mean bad news

Sometimes our techs find moisture and dirt in the ducts they are cleaning.


We’re talking about more than the normal accumulation of lint, dust and detritus we find and remove. Moisture and dirt are a bad combination because they make a great habitat for biological contaminants that can infiltrate your home or office.


Fix small problems


Prevention, of course, is the best method. It requires little effort and virtually no money.


The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency offers these suggestions:


  • Fix any water leaks and deal with any standing water. Standing water can draw pests and put unwanted moisture into the air


  • Make sure that drain pans under the handling units slope so the water flows toward the drain.


  • If you are using a humidifier, make sure it is properly maintained and cleaned. Bacteria love a dirty humidifier!


As an incentive to follow this advice, remember that these small tasks are preferable to letting the fiberglass or other insulation material get wet or smelly. Removing that stuff probably will require a contractor and an expensive bill.


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