Where’s my lint?

Where’s my lint?

Where’s my lint?

Many customers are amazed when we finish cleaning their ductwork and show them the surprising amount of lint and other debris we have captured.


We collect so much because we have great tools and savvy technicians’ expert at breaking lint and other debris loose from the ducts that carry dirty air from the property.


Some customers like to recycle captured lint for kindling or for stuffing toy animals.


Others use it for composting, although the verdict on lint compost is split. That’s because plastics are a common material in much clothing, which in turn means that environmentally unhealthy microplastics may be mixed into the lint.


If you don’t want the lint – and many customers don’t – we properly dispose of it in line with environmental protocols.


And you get to enjoy a system that is safer and more effective without combustible lint clogs that are a drag on efficiency.


Dapper Ducts NYC expertly cleans ductwork in businesses and homes in all five boroughs of New York City.