Why ductwork goes bad

Why ductwork goes bad

Why ductwork goes bad

Over time, ductwork can move. Summer heat makes it swell, winter cold causes shrinkage.


In New York City and parts of Long Island, ductwork can be vulnerable to the rumbling trucks and aircraft and train vibrations that sometimes rattle a building.


These factors can add up to enough force to knock the ducts off track and creat holes that allow heated and cooled air to go anywhere but to your rooms.You might see this in increased utility bills or rooms that get uneven heating and cooling.


One more thing: Condensation from air conditioners can cause metal ductwork to leak if it’s not insulated.



Your or a contractor can make a difference by air sealing and insulating older duct work. The contractor can also realign ducts in some cases.


When you install a new heating or cooling system, ask your contractor to make sure the existing ductwork is up to the task. Most ductwork begins to fail after 15 or 20 years, so you might need new ducts.


And today’s technology makes modern ducts much more durable and efficient. Just as your new heating or cooling system will be much more energy efficient and worry-free, so will your new ducts.


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